Jaden Smith, Lady gaga, Nicki Minaj, pioneers in the weird and bizarre. Celebrities who were previously considered strange and ‘alternate’ wearing unusual and outlandish fashions. Were they truly bizarre people to begin with? Or were they following an intriguing new trend that’s arisen: The Alternate and The Unusual.

Isiah Adams states: “As with all great marketing ideas, many imitators soon follow. Who would have guessed 5 years ago that the hottest marketing trend in 2013 would be to “be as weird and unrealistic as possible”?” (2016)

Fashion photography has seemingly adopted this trend, taking the unusual and slightly out of the ordinary and made it seem ‘cool’.

Ramona Emerson speaks on developing trends within fashion photography: “The [fashion] industry’s more recent campaigns, suggest that designers and photographers are getting a bit more cerebral. Anyone can use a beautiful woman to sell a beautiful dress, but if you can sell a beautiful dress using a hedgehog, an overturned table, or an oversized marionette, you are basically a board-certified psychiatrist. Unfortunately, these ads are so rife with twisted symbolism — why is there a concrete median smashed atop a Porsche? — that they can be a little difficult to understand.”

So why is the bizarre becoming the point of interest?

the most simply put answer is because we are bored. In an age of technology, where the world is smaller, the economy and cost of living is far steeper, meaning we are far more difficult to convince to purchase clothing. So marketing managers and fashion designers are having to pull up the carpet and look between the crack in the floor of basic humanity. And what they found there, is that every feels a little odd and left out at times. whether it’s honing back to our reclusive high school years, or we’ve transgressed into bizarre adults. Designers have suddenly discovered there’s a greater market in encouraging everyone to be ‘different’ and ‘strange’. It’s just simply too hard to conform into the white collar lifestyle, and people just don’t have the urge to do so anymore.


IMAGE: Brienne of Tarth lies next to a heavy-lidded youth on a pile of empty garment bags. aka: Vivienne Westwood has taken a women who symbolises the intrigue in women who aren’t ‘classically’ beautiful, and heightened the beauty in both that idea, and the idea of imperfection.

By Charlotte


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