Within fashion comes subcultures. Fashion subcultures are groups that are  based upon certain features of costume and appearance,  that  distinct  them enough to be recognized or defined as a subset of the broader culture.

I came across a subculture known to be called the ‘Seapunk’. The movement  began in 2010, when a  DJ from Brooklyn ( Lil’ Internet ) recalled a strange dream on Twitter: “Seapunk leather jacket with barnacles where the studs used to be.” From then on, #Seapunk took a larger hold within music and fashion.
A SeaPunk wardrobe consists of:
– Holographic Prints
– Blue & Green colours – Hair
– Dyed Clothes
– Graphic & Sea prints
– 90’s pieces – Yin Yang, Chokers, Circle Sunglasses
– Accessories
– Crystals around Eyes
– Seaside themed leather jackets
– Dark green or a super bright blue Lipstick
Wondering how all of that may turn out. Well here it is…. Seapunk

Seapunk was all things nineties – bad computer graphics, neon colours, seaside backgrounds, & dolphin tattoos. Although it was only  based on an inside joke, the Seapunk phase  spawned into a serious fashion trend and music scene .

Speaking of the music scene aswell – Check out Azealia Banks Atlantic Music video.

Very Seapunk indeed.

A lot of the seapunk trend has actually come back in to style today & have been going for quite some time. I still come across blue or green hard, and see holographic prints or graphic tee shirts. Why is it that fashion trends tend to return?

Fashion trends always return because designers look into the past and see what worked, and what didn’t. They look for inspiration. The designers then tweak it, update it, and it comes back as the ‘in thing’. It’s nearly impossible to think of something that has absolutely never been done before in any shape or form.


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