I stumbled across Thierry Mugler’s Alien perfume film from a tangent of youtube videos of his perfume ads, all progressing from a google of what happened to his face.

The 2014 ad Shot by Floria Sigismondi is set in a futuristic desert world, the sun goddess, Alexandria turcan, is awoken when a beam of light hits her and she somehow conjures up a bottle of Alien perfume out of her hands (Luxuryactivist 2014).

The real star of the show is the dress. Created to embody transformation once hit by the beam of sunlight, it consists of a sheath woven with led lights and optic fibres mixed with organza and aluminum (Price 2014). The fabric has optic fibres woven into it, illuminating it from the inside. They had to forget about traditional sewing techniques because you can’t just cut optic fibre as it frays very easily (Alien Thierry Mugler – The Dress – Making-of 2014). Although it is an amazing feat and an example of new media in fashion it really isn’t given justice in the ad. Without clicking the making of the dress tab on the website I would have had no idea this dress was physically crafted and not a cgi effect.

The dress according to the Mugler website is “It was a first, a feat of technical prowess.
Simply magical”(Mugler 2015). And that is was once doing all the research about it, but without all the behind the scenes footage, one would simply not realise what a technical accomplishment this truly is. An offshoot of the Alien campaign is the Alien experience game, where the player goes on an interactive quest through a magnificent palace to find the sun goddess; Turcan, whom is wearing the optic fibre dress; for the chance to win an extraordinary trip in the Moroccan desert or a bottle of Alien Eau Extraordinaire. It’s crazy boring, just click through type stuff, no thought needed and the competition is over. But it is an interesting attempt to fuse fashion and new technology within an advertising framework.


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