Taking the world by storm is the domain of online shopping. Gone are the days of stepping foot into your favourite brand trying on a plethora of garments and throwing a fit when nothing looks right. Now you can log in fill up your online basket and have a mini breakdown 1-5 days later when they arrive at your doorstep without stepping a foot inside the retailer.

Social media has taken over the fashion industry and allowed companies to expand their brands into more than just catwalk fashion. We see Instagram stars being sponsored by brands to showcase their ‘active wear’ while sipping on their “women’s best” shakes while going for a jog down at the beach. And everyone just wants to know where the hell can I get those leggings.

@dannibelle Instagram promoting Women’s Best protein shakes and Russell Athletic performance gear.

Brands expanding onto social media has allowed companies to reach consumers they many not have reached before. Around 50 top fashion labels live tweeted from the runway at New York fashion week in 2012, and YouTube and Ustream live streamed the fashion shows straight from the runway (Bautista, Camille. 2013). Being on these social media platforms allows brands to connect directly with their consumers and reach a higher platform of users. Burberry even used Snapchat to reveal its Spring 2016 collection a day before it was released on the catwalk (Wilbur, Hayley. 2015).


Devoreaux. 2015.

“The fashion retailer Burberry has nearly 40 million followers across 20 different social media platforms and openly admits that it has become as much a media content producer as a design company.” (Hope, Katie. 2016).

Although the controversy behind displaying brands on social media is that of creating a sloppy brand image. Allowing high-end brands to take over social media has to be done well and without fail. As connecting with consumers on such a personal level can be easily set out of control. Fashion new media has given those a sneak peak into the once elusive and glamorous world of high-end fashion, in doing so you don’t want to ruin your brand image with one wrong Facebook post.

Now with the click of a button we can be immersed into the high-end world of fashion once unbeknownst to us. We are social creatures, constantly searching, shopping and connecting online. Social media has advanced into something that has taken the fashion world to the next level, allowing us to have an inside look into the once private world for the rich and famous. Permitting us to never leaving home to see what the latest trends are about. Filling our baskets with clothing we never knew we needed until we saw Kylie Jenner rocking it on her Instagram.



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