It’s no doubt you’ve heard of the infamous Huffington Post Article from 2013 “23 Trends Guys Hate (But Women Love)” or at least one of the many, many versions of this kind of article. The article, as it suggests in the tittle, lists 23 women’s fashion trends that men hate. The trends include things such as bright lipstick, beanies, wedge sneakers, anything high wasted, floppy hats, open side shirts, heavy eye make-up, leggings, super high heels, large sweaters, bangles, drop crotch pants, hair bows and pant suits. This article was obviously not taken so well by huge amounts of women and was considered completely offensive and ridiculous, but sparked some hilarious responses from many feminists, showing the world that they couldn’t care less if men approve of their fashion choices.


“The Gloss” site made a post compiling all the incredible responses to the article that tumblr users had to offer. The mix of both text and image posts is a hilariously satisfying way to come back to the sexist article. The images are of many women wearing the trends mentioned in the article in a “f*ck you and your opinion” manner, many of which over-exaggerate the trends such as ‘screaminfuschia’s photo of her wearing hugely overdone red lipstick, with dark eye make-up covering a good several centimetres of skin under her eyes.


The texts posts are also just as well done including the brilliant response to men hating bright lipstick because “gross, that’s going to get all over me”, ‘Annieleonhardt’ points out that these men fail to realise that our lips and lipstick aren’t going anywhere near them.


The collection of posts is a great laugh and is very comforting as it shows that as soon as something as misogynistic and condescending as these “Women’s trends men hate” articles, there are a huge amount of women ready to respond and send those sexists ideas straight back to the dark ages.


The article also obviously inspired some more serious responses in the general tone of “I don’t dress for you” “I don’t need your approval” that comment on the sexism and objectifying of women articles like this encourage. One particularly great response in this tone is ‘KayleeCommons” youtube video explaining why this is condescending and damaging particularly to young girls who may not have realised yet that other people opinions of your physical image shouldn’t rule your life. The video starts with a witty line coming back to oversized sunglasses’ appearance on the list of trends; “My Kaylee, what big sunglasses you have.” “All the better to block out the blinding bullsh*t my dear.”. The video is an excellent response and I highly recommend checking it out (link at end of post)


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