Fashion and celebrity go hand in hand. Whether they are walking the streets, the red carpet or the stage, they are always endorsing one brand or another. Actors, personalities or singers, we are brought into their world through fashion and do anything to be like them by buying the same or similar clothes. Just the other day people were lined up for hours in Sydney and Melbourne to get into the Pablo Pop Up shop, (the Kanye West label.)

However there are a few celebrities who use fashion to create art. The eccentric singer Bjork, created statement songs, not just with her powerful but eerie vocals, but through her collaborations with artists, designers and directors.

Such an experimental artist requires an equally experimental collaborator and so when she worked with Spike Jonze or Alexander McQueen in music videos the effect was successful in being emotive or shocking. Alexander McQueen was known for his shocking designs, partnering up with Bjork highlighted that. Working together allowed each artist to complement the others strengths.


Bjork- Homogenic (McQueen 2016)

Bjork- Homogenic
(McQueen 2016)


After Bjork created a new album, Homogenic, it was McQueen whom she asked to design the cover. From that point on they collaborated multiple times. McQueen directed music videos and designed outifts for any occasion on multiple shock levels. In Bjork’s music video, Paegan Poetry, which was directed by McQueen, she wears a topless gown and is pierced by jewels. At first it is hard to understand what is occurring in the clip, however it quickly becomes clear that highly sexualised imagery was the key to creating an emotive video.


(Pagan Poetry 2016)


In 2001 Bjork wore a swan dress to the 73rd Academy Awards. It is still recognisable as her dress, simply because she wore something that shocked people. Last year she released a new album and after 40 years in the industry she is still rocking the classic Bjork style, shock value and all.


Bjork- Vulnerica (Vulnerica 2016)

Bjork- Vulnerica
(Vulnerica 2016)




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