New Years day 2016, a bottle or two of Asti, a throbbing head and an unquenchable thirst. I’ve dragged myself down the road for a green smoothie bowl. It’s when I first noticed them.

The people in immaculate work out gear instagramming their bowls.  They hadn’t been to the gym, in fact they were probably just as hungover as me.

Like instagramming your #cleaneating meal, you also need to look the part. In Forbes annual list of the most valuable brands, Nike topped Louis Vuitton. Part of it’s success is building a community and taking advantage of the casual athlete trend. It has also down to the fact that the population at large are more inclined to want to buy high end athletic wear instead of a luxury purse (Wolf 2016).

Why are people choosing to hang out in gym wear everyday? Aspiration and the longing to be part of the in group.

‘..brand apparel becomes a symbol of inclusion into the brand community, and no matter where it’s worn – in the office, while running errands, when out with friends, at the gym – it portrays a value system that consumers want to identify with’ (Fromm 2016).

Lorna Jane seems to be the althlesisure brand of choice in smoothie bars around my area; in part because the brand is based in Brisbane, mostly due to the motivational mantras and promise of being initiated into the lifestyle it promotes.

In this ad not only is the model apparently beautiful and fit, she also gets to hang out and enjoy the beautiful view – you can have this too, buy a tank!


You are special, powerful and part of our group – buy this shirt!

LJ fashion.jpg

It doesn’t matter if you don’t actually work out, just make sure to wear the right clothing (nothing tastes as good as fit feels – don’t eat anything and buy a tank top!)


I’m not entirely convinced or maybe I don’t believe in myself enough. I’ll go to the gym in old band shirts and smash out a set of weights. Maybe I’ll run the hills in my neighbourhood faster than last time wearing a free shirt I got from uni. It’s inevitable I’ll instagram some delicious vegan ice-cream afterwards as #fitspo, because I’m striving to be the best me. I don’t need a tank with a faux-motivational slogan on it to do that.


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