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The rapid change of technology in the fashion world has allowed fashion houses to be more innovative in the way they market their clothes. In particular, French brand Balmain led by Olivier Roustering has taken to social media to promote and widen their clientele. The brand is strong, dynamic and shocking. Always pushing the boundaries Roustering is a leading an innovative fashion house that is not so concerned so much with the execution but the way they look on the socialites that wear its outfits. “In short, the clothes often look deliberately off. They refuse to be restrained or elegant. They are clothes that demand attention; they are in service to the notion that unless one is being talked about, noticed and photographed — one does not exist.” (Givhan 2015) The whole notion of the celebrity socialite really thrives on the idea that you are not important unless you are seen in the right thing and Balmain is definitely the right brand to be wearing in 2015.

Balmain stays relevant always utilising the right celebrity figures especially on Instagram promoting the brand. Regularly we are seeing Balmain featured on Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian and Gigi Hadid, with their massive followings Balmain is reaching out to their millions of followers to join the brand cult. In a world where visuals are constantly saturating the Internet, having important socialites wearing your clothes makes you more relevant and stand out. Givhan (2015) states “Social media prefers a feeding frenzy” and Balmain is happy to provide this.

“If celebrity is the driver, Instagram is the conduit. ‘It gives access to so many diferent people. You can actually be part of the dream. It’s not only available to 10 people on the front row – it’s a way of communication that’s inclusive, and there’s something generous about that.’ (Craik 2015) Kendall Jenner is possibly the most endorsing celebrity for Balmain not only does she post photos on social media in Balmain, she also walks in their catwalks and stars in their ads. Known as one of the Instagirls of 2014, Kendall is speaking to a younger generation to enter the world of Balmain, a market not so tapped in the past.

People feel like are being directly spoken to when their favourite celebrity is telling them what’s great and what to wear. By making the celebrity the face of the brand more people are likely to be involved. However, as a fashion house Olivier Roustering is very connected to the people always self-promoting himself and his brand shamelessly posting pictures with his favourite socialites.

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