Innovative, contemporary fashion designer Jason Wu never ceases to amaze with each season’s collection. First noted, dressing Michelle Obama in her Inaugural ball has landed Wu as “one to watch- in American fashion.” (Tan 2015). His designs are feminine and sexy, empowering women to feel strong and independent. As seen in Image 1 he uses bold cuts accentuating the woman’s body with strong red visuals promoting power and sex. In 21st century advertising, sex sells and this is evident in his editorial. When Jason Wu describes his clientele it clearly reflects the designs he creates. “She loves clothes, she loves textures, she indulges in beautiful coats and slip dresses. Sexy, modern and feminine.” (Kelly 2014)


The woman he designs for appreciates the finer details in his designs, is indulgent and loves to look decadent. Wu’s motto is “quality over quantity so the heart and soul of my designs lie in their craftsmanship and timeless quality.” (Tan 2015). It can be seen that Wu takes pride in his designs for his clients and that for him it isn’t going to be for everyone but the ones who can appreciate good design. However, not one to be stuck in one mindset he understands that the fashion world is constantly evolving and changing- “Fashion is redefining itself all the time.” (Born 2012)


As well as designing women’s clothing, he has also made the fluid move into designing accessories such as women’s handbags. This seems to be a common progression among luxury fashion designers and Wu is following the lead in cementing himself as a very relevant figure in contemporary fashion. When asked about his move into accessories he stated, “it has been a very natural progression for me to further define the world of Jason Wu.” Overall, Jason Wu is a very current, innovative designer in the fashion world. Creating sexy, feminine and structured designs he is definitely redefining the modern woman with her strong, independent, striking looks.

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