Why is it that modesty simply cannot be accepted within the growing population? We seem to shame and dictate how others should dress to follow fashion protocols that are completely irrelevant to every day life, and when someone decides that no; that is not the way they would like to dress – we shame and foolishly situate them into our little ‘unfit for modern society’ corner because of some outdated religious connotations to do with modesty. Screen-Shot-2015-02-04-at-6.13.38-pm

The bullying that is associated with fashion norms is horrendous – not only between bickering high fashion designers, but also in the wider community. It is deemed ‘unfashionable’ to dress for comfort and modesty within the current social climate – shaming not only those ‘too fat’ but also those who simply want to be decently comfortable with what it is they chose to wear. Accentuate is a word that has grown far too familiar to not only young women but also men and those categorized within older generations.Drawstring-Parka-by-Muttonhead-Apparel

Shopping has become a dreaded past time for those like myself who simply want to be accepted by not only our friends, colleague and peers but also the greater surrounding fashion systems and their associations with dressing for ‘youth’ and dressing for ‘the aged’. Defining the way in which somebody should  dress based on their age or body type is ridiculous and somewhat bizarre given the strong push for acceptance and rights for all that is currently amidst present day Australia.

This is not to say that modeannie-hallstly is the only way to dress – it is more a critique on the fashion system and the way in which they categorize people based on their gender, age and physical appearance when so much of society rules acceptance and rights for all is key to moving forward to the future.


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