Are children’s clothing becoming to of control?

Fashion brands are releasing their brands for children. Parents are shopping for their children to look like them, dress like them and present like adults. This creates competition between other parents and their kids. Who’s child is wearing better clothes et. These days, parents want their kids to look like adults in mini blazers and fedoras, moto jackets and oatmeal-coloured tunics. Pinterest and Instagram are full of photos of trendy kids, some of whom are becoming micro-fashion stars in their own right. Celebrities also influence such actions, such as The Kardasians child North West being only allowed an oatmeal colour palette and having to match her mother.

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This also crosses the line of what is appropriate for that child to be wearing at a particular age. We want to dress our child in a stylish way because we feel as though they are a reflection of us but how is this affecting the child?.  It effects them in different ways, clothing may not be comfortable for them to do daily activities as such. It can also effect them mentally, such as bullying because ones parents do not style them as good as the other. It can also make them feel like they have a standard to meet in society. It can make they self conscious and fashion conscious when in public and feel not good enough. I think its important for children to be children and not have to worry about aspects like fashion and beauty until a later time in their lives. They should be able to play and feel comfortable every day.


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