A metro-sexual is a man of the 21st century who his in touch with both his masculine and feminine side. He is seen as the intermediate of Mars and Venus; boasting a masculine strength, confidence and assertiveness, yet remaining cool, suave and image-conscious. (Khanna 2004, p. 66)

Typically, a metro-sexual is seen to be dedicated to enhancing his image through grooming, wearing fashionable clothing and investing in beauty treatments. (Definition of METROSEXUAL n.d.) He makes a project of himself to achieve bodily beauty, despite this pursuit being associated with femininity.
The metro-sexual man pushes and challenges preconceived boundaries between gendered fashion and are portrayed in media as models for the gaze as much as women in recent history. (Barber 2008)
In her book The Male Body (1999), Susan Bordo suggests that men are now positioned in media as objects of the gaze as much as women. Furthermore, since the conception of the metro-sexual as a sex-icon, men have been glamoured and bodily beautified for the gaze and consumption of women. (Bordo 1999) Famous football (soccar) player David Beckham is perhaps the most fitting example of a glamoured and objectified male model, being the quintessential sex icon for men.


The metro-sexual man labors in his appearance rather than in blue-collared work in which a man assures his masculinity through physically laborious tasks. (Barber 2008) That’s not to say a metro-sexual doesn’t work hard, in fact with such dedication to looking good he achieves the middle to upper-class appeal that is associated with a successful and well-to-do white collar man. This makes him a visual suitor for such a position, for personal grooming is considered essential in the world of business.



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