From one piece to g-string, from triangle to bando swimwear has come a long way over the decades.

Girls, who doesn’t love a good set of swimwear, every summer searching for a stylish new look to wear to the beach or at the next pool party. This has never changed over the years, but the looks have.

swimwear has been around since the mid-1800s

To begin with women would wear long flocks that completely cover their bodies.Ladies were known to sew weights into the hem of their smock-like bathing gowns to prevent the garment from floating up and showing their legs.

The first ever revealing swim suit consisted of bloomers and black stockings then drawers were then added for more exposure. These started to become popular in the mid 19th century as people began hanging at the beach more often. SUIT9

The swimsuit Circa.

Swimsuits started to become more and more exposing over the years to come. The next body part exposed was the shoulders and arms in the 1915-1930s1c84d694-c742-4ea9-9567-5dce405d279b_1910-Four-young-women-in-matching-beach-wear-run-out-of-the-surf-Los-Angeles-California-circa-1910

The slimmer style was popularized in the ’20s. The close-fitting tank onesie, while tame to us, caused quite a stir amongst society at the time.


The 1940s is when the “pin up” look started to come out with the showing of mid drift and high waisted bottoms, skin was starting to show.


1050s went retro swimsuits, going back to covering the mid drift but started to become strapless.


Then came the belly button baring bikini and the bra like top.


The 1970s is when the string bikini was finally realised and was the most revealing swimsuit yet. This shy attitude towards bathing suits changed during the sexual revolution

Photo 9 Aug 2012 11_58

Late 80s the wedge like one peice that rose right up the bum to make womens legs look longer and leaner. Known as being worn by the famous Pamela anderson in her Baywatch.


The 90’s One word: tankinis.


2000s. Fashion designers started to experiment with the one piece designing different shapes.


Swimwear today comes in a lot of different colours, patterns and shapes. Designers are constantly designing new shapes. From Cheeky cut bottoms to reversible straps.



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