Terry Richardson. He’s best known for his celebrity and fashion work (which has quite the, uh, erotic bent to it), regular cover shoots for Harper’s Bazaar and GQ. The guy has shot pretty much every major contemporary figure in both film and music, and the President of the United States, Barack Obama. Yet he’s also known for his reputation of being a pervert; who has produced quite the number of explicit images, often including his lovely naked and erect self, which many find pornographic and misogynistic.

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In the last few years, a number of models who he was worked with have spoken up against him in articles and interviews, as well as filing lawsuits against the weird looking man. Richardson has be labelled “the world’s most fucked up fashion photographer” by the website Jezebel, “fashion’s shameful secret” by the Guardian, and “America’s Next Top Scumbag” by Wonkette. Baron von Luxxury, a Los Angeles DJ, wrote a song called “Terry Richardson” with the lyrics “She’ll have a few more sedatives / I’ll have whatever comes next / And then I’ll burn the negatives.”

In October last year, a British teenager put forth the petition “Big brands: Stop using alleged sex offender & pornographic Terry Richardson as your photographer” to change.org, where it accumulated more than 33,000 signatures. As a result, H&M tweeted:

Image from Twitter, and obviously, common sense

Image from Twitter, and obviously, common sense

Again in March last year, a model had published a quite graphic account with quite too much detail about a shooting session which turned into numerous sexual acts that weren’t initiated by her. While Richardson replied by calling all this negative publicity “an emotionally charged witch hunt.” (Huffington Post, 2014), he only made things worse for himself on twitter and social media sites.

Such a negative reputation has bled into celebrities he’s worked with, with Neil Patrick Harris deleting a tweet stating that working with Richardson was a “bucket list moment”, due to a massive black lash of twitter messages. Lena Dunham was also called hypocritical for bagging out R. Kelly, yet letting Richardson shoot her. She later told the Guardian that she was “not in the business of being BFF’s with alleged sexual predators” in regard to Richardson.

With all this negative exposure popping up, a reporter at BuzzFeed asked 25 magazines and brands if they would work with Richardson, and, surprise surprise, editors from places such as Vogue, Target and H&M said they had “no plans.”

Oh dear.




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