A collaboration of fashion artistry, brought together by British stylist Edward Enninful and captured by New York photographer Steven Klein. The weird and wonderful designs from Alexander McQueen, Céline, Charlie Le Mindu, Dior & Dior Homme, J. Mendel, Louis Vuitton, Proneza Schoulder, Tom Ford and Vera Wang is just to name a few couture items that work together in creating the aggressive and liberating group of heroines. The models embrace the tribal jewellery and eccentric chest and head pieces .

Steven Klein’s dramatising shots add to the surreal assemblage of Mindu’s chest pieces (Fig .2) and body suits from Louis Vuitton. Although some looks carry a sense of quirkiness, the models pull it off with a strong ‘gaze’, bold eye paint to be precise (Fig .3). Fluorescent pinks and green truly grab your attention. Dramatic and bold do the models stand, as if we are in the presence of a warrior. Some stand bare with only the abundance of brass cuffs and feathers. Alexander McQueens warrior skirt flicks out long with thin black feathers and embellished with brass cut outs (Fig .6). Vera Wang’s white bridal gown contrasts against the models skin and lots of black hair (Fig .5). Tanned in red, with a metre high black feather head dress completes the Louis Vuitton jacket and bustier accompanied by one crutch high leather boot (Fig .4).

W Magazine and Steven Klein have marked the names of designers within this shoot as something a bit more extraordinary. Giant red hair and bone claws add that little extra risk to the black sheer and feathered full body suit from Louis Vuitton (Fig .1).”Out of this world fashion claws its way into the limelight” (W Magazine 2014).

The surreal beauty of which these models hold project confidence. Steven Klein successfully captures the ‘Warrior’ within these models wearing the designed battle dresses. Each individual captures something new, as if each heroine came from a different planet.


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