Misha Nonno’s spring collection continues the action of Brooklyn Artist Dustin Yellin’s textures from his sculptures. The amazing array of collared tops, low V necks and loose comfortable ‘ready-made’ dresses have an extra touch of glam rendered with a print based on Yellin’s recent work. And with what looks to be a handbag attached to the outfit (Fig .5). The aqua streaked pattern and strapped shoes take the runway with a casual sophistication (Fig .3). Also bringing back last collections florals.

Skorts, collared jump suits, and mini skirted dresses mix with the plain mint slouched panted and loose shirt tops (Fig .4) only to keep a balance within the collection and have some of the looks stay monochromatic. Yellin even joins the group of models strutting his stuff in Misha’s floral pink halter shirt-dress and pointed white flats. Casually walking down sipping a Starbucks iced coffee (Fig .1). It was a crowd pleasing and amusing idea which drew a memorable moment for the collaboration.

These textures in which were described as ‘colourful and almost abstract’ were accompanied by Yellin’s two large glass sculptures that were displayed outside during the runway show. The collaboration between Artist and Designer was a successful achievement of clear inspiration. Misha Nonno said she was drawn to Yellin’s sense of scale and texture. “I’ve been inspired by many artists in the past, but this was the first time I’m actually working with one,” mentioned backstage by Misha Nonno (Sherman 2014).

This ready-to-wear Spring collection from Misha Nonno was big for sashes and ties, low V necks and mini skirt dresses. The ‘racey’ outfits are streaked in Aqua green and touches of brown a hint of blues and apricots seep through the fabric like paint (Fig .2). Each individual piece is slightly different but keeps the flow of pattern like a water fall. Galaxy print is what comes to mind while looking at the bright blotches of navy blue, orange eggs and the same Aqua green mixed into a palette straight to the canvas (Fig .5).

It was important to Nonno to keep the collection streamline, the inspiration from Yellin’s glass sculptures gave movement within the patterns printed on these wonderful shirt-dresses. Which gracefully guides the models through the runway, with every step the patterns texture moves with them also.


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