Lets be honest, celebrities shape and influence fashion trends. Identifying fashion and what it is usually wearing what is considered popular or hip in magazines or social media. Not only do celebrities influence fashion, they create it. Most find their inspiration from their fave celeb.

Not only do magazines play a big role in allowing celebs to influence the way we all dress on a daily basis. Instagram has grown to be the best tool for inspiration, why spend money on a magazine that will be old news next week when you can simply follow your favourite celeb on instagram? It’s at your fingertips in just a second! But is this okay for the younger generation?

Children from the ages of 10 have mobile phones that can access the internet! I feel that having younger family members I saw a change in their personality when Hannah Montana turned Miley Cyrus… I personally don’t find this alarming because I’m sure Miley had to be on her best behavior for her little fans and once she broke out of that era she felt free to be who she really wanted to be, and of course wanted to teach her fans that being yourself is okay! but have they interpreted it in the right way?



Young girls are trying to figure out who they are in this world. Learning the terms and what their role in society is. Most are looking for direction on how to act, how to dress; they are seeking role models.

But are some celebrities THAT role model that they need? Growing up with the Spice Girls as inspirations tought me that there are different types of styles (meaning each one of the girls had their individual style and trend they followed) but i never thought that it was provocative or sexual in anyway.  Now days celebs tend to be trending the dresses that show off that butt, or breasts? Mostly that butt….why? should teens really be tought that having a great butt in that dress is the way to go? I have even found myself looking for that perfect skirt that shows off my butt. It happens to the best of us…but looking at my 13 year old cousin doing the same scares me…I mean i’m 21, i’m guessing its okay for me to want to spice up my wardrobe a little but for a 13 year old?

The Syle Flair, May 7, 2014 by