Is there a fashion statement that is even considered new? Everything seems to be recycled from the 90’s. And I’m definitely not complaining about that. If only my childhood clothes still fit me!

Even though fashion from the 90’s is coming back, we are still compelled to buy that new dress….that looks exactly like the one you wore when you were 7….would you consider that new fashion? With some of the fashion statements out there you we never even noticed they came back but some are a clear indication that we are just getting old so we have to start recycling the fashion world…

The Leather jacket – Timeless trend? You can still get away with this bad boy even when it’s not winter! Adding an instant edge to any ensemble. Some even pair it with their sunflower dress.


Sunflower Skater Dress – Did this dress ever really go out of style? Some have been remade into Playsuits, Jumpsuits or Shorts!


Flannel – Some consider it the new “Hipster or Indie Fashion” Most have it tied around their waist with their faveourite pair of ripped jeans or denim skirt..


The Denim Jacket – 20 years later and it is still the number one jacket you need to have in your wardrobe…any season? perfect festival jacket? yeah! why not!


Crop Top – wanted to show off your belly? just cut one of your t-shirts and pair it with your faveourite high-waisted shorts! Today Crop Tops have turned sophisticated, making it a must have night out on the town top paired with almost any skirt or shorts you own! Making appearances even on the red carpet.


Jelly Sandals – perfect quirky and comfortable shoe. First designed by a shoe maker in France after World War II, when there was a leather shortage in Europe. Jelly to the rescue! Now days Celebs like Kylie Jenner prove that the shoe is back, pairing her clear jelly shoes with black socks! cool? YEP!