From Hawaiian button up shirts and loafers to beards and man-buns; it is becoming increasingly obvious that men’s fashion has taken a turn, and once again one with some questionable trends.

The facial hair was first, with popular culture largely to blame for angus_and_julia_stone_600the sudden outburst of men’s grooming (or lack thereof); popular Tripple J icons such as ‘The Beards’ and Angus from the duo ‘Angus and Julia Stone’ have been fashioning incredible displays of well groomed beards since early 2012. This questionably appealing trend was promptly imitated amongst the general population of young ‘hip’ males of the present times.

We then saw a sudden outburst ARTICLE-The-Beards-2of young men fashioning hideously outdated Hawaiian shirts, but of course, the outfit would not have been complete without an eye-catching pair of tan loafers. It would be easy to assume that this generation of males are taking    an immense amount of inspiration from our very talented but very interestingly dressed indie celebrities. Could the popular indie band from 2011, Friendly Fires be to blame for this sudden outburst of beachwear, even though Hawaiian shirts were never actually fashioned in the somewhat popular film clip for ‘Hawaiian Air’? Maybe we should credit tfriendly-fires-day-3-reading--large-msg-13146327874he male population for their creativity in making popular a once disregarded garment worn only by middle aged holiday goers.

And now, we see an increasingly admired trend amongst the ‘hip’ males of 2015 in the man-bun. But really it should only be paired with the fabulously and at this instant, a little outdated beard. With the added elements of a trendy garment of beachwear and your grandad’s old pair of loafertumblr_n4jvrv7cqO1tokukxo1_500s, we have the national dress code of the average male hipster. Thank you Matt Corby and your luscious long locks for bringing not only a lengthy head of hair, but also a trendy top-knot to the forefront of the Australian fashion industry.


To view Hawaiian Air by Friendly Fires please click below:


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