Avant Garde Ga

Avant Garde pushes boundaries and questions the norm or the status quo of traditional fashion. It goes against every belief and rules in fashion. Its about creating something different and isn’t expected. Some garments can be unfinished, exposed, recycled and usually clothing a person wouldn’t wear day to day. Although someone with a great vision would, someone who doesn’t care what people think would, someone who designed it themselves would, Lady Gaga does.

Lady Gaga being one of the most famous pop star is also know for her extreme garments not only on the red carpet and music awards but also in her day to day life. She never fails to catch peoples attentions where ever she goes. The singer, producer, song writer and fashion designer made a huge impact in the world of fashion with her crazy avant garde.


Avant-garde milk carton look, Lady GaGa brought her signature weird to the VMA stage Sunday night with a medley of looks demanding Applause.

gaga_v_1feb10_pa_b_1 Lady Gaga at Staples Center on January 31, 2010

Ooh, ahh…she was so sparkly and pretty at the Staples Center on January 31, 2010.

“How the shiz am I going to sit down?”

Lady Gaga arrives at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards

Her 2010 MTV Video Music Awards outfit. Lady Gaga’s armadillo heels were designed by the late Alexander McQueen, who is a good friend of Gaga.

10-Most-Outrageous-Dresses-Worn-By-Lady-Gaga-In-Public-11 gagakermit

Interview on a German TV show wearing a coat made out of dozens of Kermit The Frogs. The green muppet top was created by designer Jean Charles de Castelbajac.

The pop star can turn anything into an outfit, whether it’s a nice prime rib, a telephone receiver or hundreds of Kermit the Frogs.

For me when I’m thinking about either designing a piece or choosing a piece to wear, I think about a shape. If you as a designer — your aesthetic were to walk through a wooden door, what shape would it leave? I think it’s also important to be consistent with yourselves. Just because we’re doing a heightened avant-garde sense of who we are doesn’t mean we start shredding things and making, you know, giant hats — it still has to be you.

-Lady Gaga

As we all do, Lady Gaga has been inspired by other artists and things around her.

“I’m mostly inspired by shapes, and using the body to create iconography. Leather culture and high-street punk fashion. I would say perfecto jackets occupy most of my fashion thoughts.”

She explains that “there are no rules” when she carefully chooses her insane outfits. she is inspired by major designers and well as vintage and lesser known labels.

A lot of people would consider her a freak and her clothing as crazy, although she considers herself a designer and artist and expresses herself through her Avant Garde fashion and music


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