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Ever since the 90’s the social media of fashion have kept a close eye on the quirky and weird aspects of the whole outfitted style of grunge. Slowly kicking out the stereotype of punk music, ripped, dark and dirty old clothing and then introducing it as new inconspicuous aspect of a new trend. Mentioned within this years Wardrobelooks is the updated sub-genre of a ‘glamorous’ and colourful wave of bad girl wearing 1990’s chic (2015). Using street style photography to emphasis the trend and capture that tartan skirt, embellished denim jacket and distressed top.

“Grunge has pretty much been underpinning every fashion trend since it ended. Ripped band t-shirts, boyfriend jeans and Dr. Martens have never really gone out of fashion” (Sanders, 2015).

The trend grunge helps define a movement within the fashion and music industry that arose in 1992, which influenced guitar heavy rock music, thrift store shopping, recycled clothing and slightly ripped and torn attire. Marc Jacobs ‘Grunge’ collection shown in 1992 at the Perry Ellis runway was a c8d66e7f-b3a1-4e7a-939d-30490cb8242a_ThreeAcrossrigmarole after most critiques considered him finished, and removed the line of grunge clothing. “It looked as if Jacobs had not designed any new clothes so much as raided every thrift shop from here to Seattle” (Horyn, 2015).

But within theebc2f92a-32af-44f8-ae8a-1105a25cde9e_largese recent times you can search online shopping stores and purchase that tatty band t-shirt, black leather platform shoes and as many oversized jackets you desire.
ASOS is one of the clothing stores online that have their own dedicated page with ‘vintage 90’s clothing’. The girls modelling the black sheer tops, leather skirts and high waisted jeans stand with their blatant stare acting as if they don’t care. The posed shots are backed with a bright yellow or grey wall with a exposed concrete floor as a contrast to the black and tattered clothing.

But the shoes are defiantly the kicker of the outfit. The models attire is dressed with a pair of red converse, black Dr. Martens, leather thigh high boots or the old white sock and black school shoe look. Although between the beginning of the trend and today’s time these particular pairs of shoes have 59a93c3f-b21f-467c-8b87-9f3f15adcc6a_ThreeAcrossstayed quite popular within the consumer culture and I beg to differ the costing in which these particular items are now compared to when the subculture first arose to the fashion scene.

So despite the previous rigmarole of the subculture, the retail clothing store now choose our style rather than following the pre-existing trend of reusing recycling and finding those specific items in which makes ourselves unique in the way of the grunge. Media theorist and sociologist Dick Hibdige explains subculture to be “style as a form of an aesthetic group membership in mass society- a way of standing out from the crowd while identifying with a group through consumption practices including: dressing, music, literature, film and daily habits” (Berry, 2015). I still believe that the true grunge comes from the act of being different, spending as minimal amounts of money as possible and and not submitting to the mainstream culture of fashion.


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