Gorman Collaborations

Gorman Collaborations

As far as Australian fashion labels go, Melbourne based label Gorman is a pioneer of contemporary sustainable fashion.

“In 1999, Lisa Gorman launched her eponymous label at fledgling boutique fat52 in Fitzroy, Melbourne, with a collection titled ‘less than 12 degrees’. The instant success of that first offering was the beginning of something special, and in the years that have followed the Gorman label has become an iconic part of the Australian fashion landscape.” (Gorman 2015)

Gorman has regular collaborations with Australian and international artists. A key part of each seasonal collection, these collaborations provide exciting new patterns and designs to each of Gorman’s collections. Not only do these collaborations help to bring interesting and often-underappreciated artists work into a more public avenue. They also help to make the work of these artists more affordable and accessible without compromising their artistic integrity. Each collaboration suggests a level of taste beyond the mass produced clothing’s of chain stores. In the past few years Gorman has already collaborated with artists such as Miso, Rhys Lee, Miranda Skoczek, Rachel Castle, Ellie Malin and Alexander Kori Girard. Some already recognizable and some emerging and unknown names have helped formulate some of the most successful collections for the brand.

“The idea to collaborate was not a conscious strategic retail move, but came out of a far simpler need to keep myself creatively busy with forms of design other than purely gorman product. Having now undertaken creative projects with over 30 different artists and brands both locally and abroad, I’ve come to realise how the act of collaborating has been definitive in shaping the gorman brand.” (Melbourne art fair 2015)

Gorman x Ellie Malin

Gorman x Ellie Malin

The brands founder and owner Lisa Gorman has discussed in interviews how much she admires and respects all the artists she works with. It is this mutual admiration and respect from both artist and designer that assists Gorman to create products using someone else’s work whilst still not commercializing something that often should not be commercialized. She does all this whilst still pushing the boundaries of her fashion line.


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