louis-vuitton--Louis_Vuitton_CREATIVE_STORIES_CS_5_VISUAL9Cindy Sherman Monogram for Louis Vuitton.

This piece, as part of Cindy Sherman’s “Creative Stories” with Louis Vuitton centers around Sherman herself, and her line of products made in collaboration with Louis Vuitton. Sherman is normally known for her unique process of involving herself in her work, drastically changing her appearance in her efforts to find beauty in tragedy and subversion (Kérchy 2003). Her line of products are ordinary pieces of Louis Vuitton luggage in their patent Monogram pattern, with a handful of appliques placed on them. Known for protecting her style when dipping into the commercial realm of fashion photography as seen in her pieces for MAC (Goto 2011), it seems that Sherman was heavily censored on this jaunt. The line is a weak juxtaposition of the pristine and expensive with the worn and traveled.

Even in this press photograph for the pieces, Sherman wears a familiar look of her clown character, yet the look is unusually pristine. Lines that risk showing her age perfectly hidden and airbrushed away in post-processing. Her clown makeup on top of this foundation is perfectly applied; even, symmetrical. Of course, it’s impossible to state whether Sherman herself has changed, but it seems a strange non-effort for an artist so well known for their involvement in their work. Looking to finer details in composition, however, we see what might be a spark of subversion. The luggage and the scenery are both patterned and brown, blending them together to the eye, especially with Sherman’s pink suit and pale skin contrasting. Her positioning on the large trunk has both her feet dangling, with her eyes closed, hanging limbs, and neck at a jaunted angle, it could be symbolic of a scene of nature, or a hanging.


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