Celebrity fashion is and always will have an influence on “people” like us. Endorsements have been around for quite a while. Kate Moss for Rimmel, Katy Perry for Covergirl and so on. You’ll find that people will start buying certain brands because their favourite “it” gal or boy are advertising it, because it seems to bring you closer to them in some weird way…but not really.

It’s an often occurring thing that celebs will be paid to tweet, instagram or facebook certain products when companies take it to supply them with their overpriced goods. there’s always pros and cons when it comes to celebrity endorsements on a companies profile.

Justin Bieber was recently modeled for Calvin Klein’s underwear campaign. Calvin Klein has always been known for their campaigns with “it” men dressed in their newest underwear. Now Justin has always been seen as the little “baby ooooh” singer so this campaign offers the audience to see him as a “not so little baby” anymore.

When it comes to celebrities and fashion, they tend to be  judged a lot more when it comes to the companies judgement on photo shopping the famous “it” person. Generally if there is a less known person wearing the particular item, audiences tend to not be as fazed when it is noticed or leaked that the particular model has been photo-shopped.

A lot of questions we raised when photo-shopped image of Justin was released…


The question is, would this change the audiences reason to buy the brand?




Same thing occurred on the cover of Vanity Fair with Jennifer Lawrence wearing Gucci. not that she looks bad in the before edit.

Personally if brands have to digitally enhance or fix a models appearance in their clothing, it raises the question that the brand isn’t even convinced that the modeled actress fits the shown garment properly. This will automatically raise the question of weather these garments are true to size or do you need to have a freakishly small waist,  medium bust and again freakishly small hips that aren’t too much smaller than your waist, cause lets face it having that ultimate curve is the way to go!……

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