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Over the past 30 years the rise of street style has captivated the audience to the fashion industry. The advances in technology however have increased the rapid nature and growth of the fashion blogger industry.

It all began in 1978, when Bill Cunningham published the first street style column, comprised of impromptu photographs from the streets. Over the next few years the notion of street style became more understood, however the notion did not progress any further.

The rise of the online fashion blogger really began around the early 2000’s, when web forums were becoming easier to access, and there was a greater interest in fashion blogging as a whole. In 2003, Kathryn Finney from The Budget Fashionista was invited to NY Fashion week. In the same year, Bryan Grey Yambao built a huge following while he posted about his weight-loss journey and fashion lifestyle under an alias name. The next year, Manolo the “Shoe Blogger,” made his presence strong posting to his site; in 2006 it was estimated that Manolo was raking in $700,000 per year from his site.

However, since this time the ease of becoming a blogger has also increased. Creating a personalised website that looks professional costs between $0-$100, being on the internet all the time is already happening, and our access to clothing (to buy or hire) is literally at our fingertips.

Two hugely successful bloggers that I would like to focus on are Gary Pepper Girl, and Jasmine Dowling; one global, one local.

Gary Pepper Girl, or Nicole Warne, is probably the most world-renowned blogger of 2014. Her face is in every major fashion magazine, and attends all the fashion events.

“Multidimensional in her talents, Nicole is highly regarded in the fields of fashion, digital and social media, and e-commerce, collaborating with brands as a model, stylist, creative director, social media and brand consultant, digital influencer and ambassador. She has also added presenting to her list of skills, as the host for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia Global Live Stream program in both 2013 and 2014, as well as featuring as a guest on numerous commercial television networks.”

Nicole strives to do more than be a celebrity, she is involved in many good causes and is collaborating and consulting on many projects. It’s interesting that as the blogging industry becomes larger, that it’s also important to be a humanitarian and fashion guru.

Jasmine Dowling is a brisbane-based graphic designer, typographer and fashion blogger. Graduating from QCA this year with her Bachelor of Visual Communication design, I don’t think anyone would have expected the success she has already achieved. Dowling currently has 85,000 followers on instagram and many more on other social platforms. She began with her blog, as a hobby and her career sky rocketed with her budding photographer boyfriend shooting her fashion segments. Jasmine shows just how easy it can be, she put her work out there, and then they began to follow.