Alexandra Louise Champion Hackett (A.L.C.H) is a men’s sportswear designer, currently living and studying in Melbourne. Apart from working on her graduating collection, Hackett also works as a freelance practitioner and collaborator. Her work is innovative to say the least. “Alexandra Louise Champion Hackett is hard to miss in a crowd, she’s the girl in the club wearing a twin-set fashioned out of repurposed Ikea carry bags. Or a pair of pants made of white latex. Or a bucket hat made of AstroTurf.”

Majority of her work is done with experimental materials and textures. Hackett also focuses heavily on used found objects in her work, (varying from caution tape to banana peels, NASA space foil to astroturf.) “Through the recontextualization of these textiles, A.L.C.H. fashions wearable garments and accessories, whilst looking into the subversion of the sportswear genre.”

The most appealing part of Hackett’s work is the consideration of found objects and conceptual nature of her work. She says that there is always embedded meaning, which is often linked to social phenomena and the role of fashion in society. I think the embedded meaning within her work is what makes it so successful; especially as a menswear range. In an interview with ACCLAIM magazine, Hackett discussed when Menswear resonates with her more so than women’s clothing. Ultimately, it’s about the room for rule breaking. She relishes in the challenge of designing for the male body, as she finds designing clothes for her own body not challenging enough. For her, it’s more a fascination with the challenge and predetermined difficulty for a women to design progressive menswear.

The progressive nature of what Alexandra is aiming to achieve here is what is most important to the menswear sector. There are hundreds of women’s clothing that pushes boundaries. The well known brand Di$count Universe, established in Melbourne is a prime example. The idea of creating Menswear for a greater purpose than simply fitting a pre-existing trend is what is most important here.