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The biggest celebrity of the last decade? The designer handbag. – Nilgin Yusef.

We know that associating your fashion label with celebrities is what can bring in big money, and huge coverage. This is no more evident in the recent explosion of success for Melbourne designer’s Nadia Napreychikov and Cami James, founders of Di$count Universe.

Di$count Universe was established as the designer duo graduated RMIT. “In Australia design is very often focused on functionality, and whilst we think this is important to some degree, we much prefer to achieve something that challenges people,” explains Cami James. Both Jones and Napreychikov feel as though throughout University more time was spent justifying the conceptual ideas places within their work, rather than creating progressive wearable design.

Over the past few years they had relatively good success, selling out of most of their limited stock and getting relatively good coverage on Instagram and tumblr. This fairly good success was turned on it’s head over night when Miley Cyrus and Terry Richardson’s shoot came to life.


On January 29, Cyrus’s tour company Live Nation contacted the DU team with an expression of interest into using the photos that were already a sensation on the internet, of Cyrus in the DU merch (seen above.) DU were told that Cyrus was wanting to use four separate images within her Merchandise for the Bangerz tour. And this is where is all began.

Cyrus immediately became somewhat a poster child for Discount Universe; they were always about rocking the boat, and found great pleasure in designing for a brand that pushed conventional boundaries. Cyrus performed in Discount Universe custom made clothing throughout her tour, and also wears their clothing in her day-to-day life.

From here, other celebrities became interested. As you can see above, Katy Perry and Iggy Azalea have also become huge fans of the brand. Perry has been decked out in Discount Universe, from head to toe, many times now and have helped the brand gain significant publicity.

This beautiful romance of a fairly low-key Australian Fashion label with big dreams, teaming up with some big players in the music industry shows how important relationships with celebrities can be. The most iconic relationships between designers and celebrities we have seen in the past are Andy Warhol and Edie Sedgwick, as well as Lady Gaga and Alexander McQueen.