What a though to think that someone of such high caliber such as Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge would be seen wearing (what the English call) high street fashion, that is chain stores found on the high street such as Zara, Top Shop and H&M. Not only would her Duchess have ample exposure to the worlds finest Fashion houses but those fashion house would be lining up for miles to have her Duchess wear one of their designs, but yet Middleton is spotted wearing a Top Shop Tea dress.


This is wear the idea of Celebrity fashion and Culture come into play and how high standing celebrities have such an influence on the consumer culture of the billion dollar fashion industry. Fashion blogs and message boards in at least one apparel subcategory influence over half of the women interviewed for a survey done in the US, 51 percent of fashionistas and 52 percent of social shoppers (1). Ever since the Duchess o Cambridge was seen wearing a Reiss dresses which sent the fashion world into a sell out frenzy known as the Kate effect.

Trends and fads are everywhere from the newest iPhone to the latest model of car. But what is really trending is the influence of Celebrities unintentionally creating trends, for example the way they have thrown on a baggy jumper over a pair of ripped skinny jeans. Now all that is needed is a keen eyed photographer and few hundred snaps later to become what was once Gwen Stefani wearing a baggy sweater to cover some ‘unloved’ love handles is now on the runway in an Alexander Wang show.

gwen stifaarni baggy jump alexander-wang-sp09-runway-baggy jumper

Trickling up from the humble ‘street style’ shopper making its way onto the catwalks in Paris Fashion Week to the fashion department stores, is now making massive waves in the mass consumption of a little old sweater, made famous by a Celebrity. (2)

baggy weater the chronicals of her baggJ

It’s no surprise that we mere mortals idolize celebrities such as Kate Middleton, why? Because of the star image, so bright and shinny it even blinds the least fashionable people around town. The qualities, ideals and values that a star represents based on their career as a model or film star all resonate with the idea of power, status and the public want to be art of it. Leading luxurious lifestyles making them icons of consumption, being bought and sold and eventually thrown away for the newest trend. The most accessible and most of the time affordable ways to achieve this is through fashion and trends. Celebrities are great exploits for the fashion industry, with most of the world being exposed to their lifestyles and actions through every kind of media possible so we can devour every inch of their body and what is on it. High fashion magazines like Vogue create titles such as ‘Micheal Kors and Victoria Beckham want you to wear flats’ and ‘Teresa Palmer on why pears are cool again’ (3) are literally telling us what we should be wear and why! All with the help of celebrity endorsement. These headlines for vogues fashion trends columns almost come across as condescending and bullying the consumer into buying these items all because of fitting in or wanting to look like someone else.


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