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Street fashion is trend sweeping online blogs and well-known designers.

Street Style Fashion creates a snap shop aesthetic. These images of ‘everyday’ well-dressed people show individuals, whom the photographer has deemed worthy, casually strolling down the street or posed in front of some beautiful old building. These images show an array of various styles of fashion from all over the globe. The accessibility of Street fashion can be access anywhere in the world via the web.
Street fashion is often associated with youth culture and is fashion that is considered to have not come from a high-class couture designer, but to have emerged from the streets. Street style is not specific to one style of dress but instead covers a host of different and unique styles. This particular style has influenced designers and we are now seeing mainstream fashion appropriate what they see occurring on the street.

One such well-known fashion style, which originated from street fashion, is Hip-hop fashion. This iconic style has translated itself into a multi-billion dollar industry and is still as popular as it was when it came out. Relating back to the music culture.

masn street 2

Another example of a current street style is the Hipster with round glasses, cropped tops, beanies and chunky shoes. Originating in the 1990’s Hipsters ironically appropriate everyone else’s subculture while rejecting current trends (Berry 2014). Nowadays they seem to be the ones dictating these trends.


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