Fashion doesn’t have to just be for show, for appearances or to distinguish class and wealth. Fashion has become something much more than that in recent years with community driven groups that work together to raise funds for much needed charity groups within their communities. Fashion for a Cause (FFAC) is a non-profit charity group that works to raise awareness and funds to support Nevada’s community causes.

Founded by Andres Gonzalez a fashion photographer, Gonzalez works with a team of international fashion experts in design, make-up artistry, styling, modelling and choreography to support those advocating for people in need. Throughout his campaigns Gonzalez and his team has been able to raise much needed funds for these community causes, seeing great success through their series of fashion events. Apart from groups such as Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and Nevada Blind Children’s foundation, FFAC has worked on a number of other larger fundraising programs aimed to make a difference on not just an individual but global level extending their support beyond their local community.

Sustainable Living, fashion event series promotes lifestyle changes to reduce societies use of exhausted Global natural resources. The entire show and garments were created using recycled and organic materials, working in conjunction with Springs Preserve group. The show was also able to incorporate up cycled synthetic materials into some of their garments, making healthy use of under appreciated goods that need our attention the most during this ecological cause.

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By respecting the materials we have available to use we are able to drastically minimise the carbon footprint the fashion industry leaves upon the globe. Reduced or altered energy consumption, our diet and how we go about consumerism and manufacturing help support sustainability and rectify nature’s ecological imbalance. FFAC has supported many charitable groups and now has a constant flow of collaborative organisations to work with to continue their fight for sustainability within our global future.


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