Yohji Yamamoto is one of the leading Japanese Avant Garde designers currently creating at the moment. With a unique style and purpose, Yamamoto creates a new innovation and new way of thinking in terms of design and fashion in the spring collection of 2011 (1).

Rejecting traditional and contemporary views on how fashion and garments should encompass the body, Yamamoto’s collection rejects the silhouette and colour to bring something new to the fashion industry. These garments drape themselves upon the body, highlighting the “void between the garment and the body”, rejecting the “western interpretations of “sexy” clothes, that they had the option to celebrate their minds via their choice of clothing, rather than their bodies” (2). The overwhelming black collection shows no highlights or line to the garments, providing only any shape of the person through the volume of the garments.


The importance and artistic position of this collection is prominently through the way in which the fabric of the clothing naturally sits itself upon the body. The construction and boldness occurs through the folds and wrapping of the material, whilst the body is just a platform for the garments. In reality, Yamamoto is suggesting that our bodies are not important when it comes to fashion. We are just the advertising boards for fashion. The material, the colour, the construction that occurs around the body is what is most important. Fashion is not to make our bodies look better, or feel better or for us to feel unique. That is its added bonus. Fashion in fact stands on its own. It is as individual and separate as each human to the next. We, our bodies, are just a way in which fashion is bought to life. We are just a place for fashion to stand upon and be seen.

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