Royalty has always been regarded in the highest of statuses and lifestyles within society. A dream, an aspiration, a fantasy for many, has now become a reality for Duchess Kate Middleton. After marrying Prince William in 2011, Middleton instantly became an icon as the royal family’s lifestyle once again became extremely popular around the world. Not only did her popularity soar by becoming a royal duchess, Middleton also became an icon due to her unique and iconic fashion style.

Her style is not only reflective of the high luxury and expense of the typical royal vision, but also incorporates contemporary high end designers such as Stella McCartney and Alexander McQueen., alongside generic fashion labels such as Zara.

Middleton’s interest in fashion and contemporary designers has also been beneficial to new and upcoming designers as the popularity of her style is becoming more so every day. On her visit to Australia in April 2014, Middleton made sure to wear an Australian designer, making one of Nicky Zimmermann’s dresses an instant hit. The popularity of this dress skyrocketed with multiple online clothing stores selling copies, as well as Vogue Australia publishing an interview with Nicky Zimmermann online about the dress and the Duchess.


Her incorporation of all these styles has made her fashion style easily accessible to the everyday woman. This aspect of her fashion style is also a symbol of how any woman can look as good as royalty with the fashion of today. The dream of being royal is and looking royal is now easily affordable and easily wearable for women around the world.

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