When considering the relationship between fashion and celebrity there is a particular celebrity who seems to blur the lines. This would have to be Sarah Jessica Parker better known as Carrie Bradshaw from the hit television series and films Sex and the City. For me, Sarah Jessica Parker is an interesting and unique case when looking at celebrity and fashion. She uses relationships that audiences have developed with her on-screen character, Carrie, to further her career as a fashion designer off-screen.

As outlined by Pamela Gibson “some cinematic celebrities can currently generate intense media interest and function as fashion icons quite independently of their on-screen roles, whereas traditionally their fans would go to the cinema to watch their films” (Gibson 2012). I believe Sarah Jessica Parker is a good example of this; she is actively involved in the fashion industry both on and off the screen and this blurs her relationship with the fashion world. Stills taken from an episode of Sex and the City and tabloid shots of Sarah Jessica Parker on the street could easily be mistaken. So this leaves the question; Sarah Jessica Parker or Carrie Bradshaw who is the real fashion icon?

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When considering the construction of Sex and the City it is impossible to ignore the shows make-up of product placement, label dropping and celebration of consumerism. The show thrives on these contributions as much as the brands thrive on the publicity (Vanity Fair 2008). In the same way Sarah Jessica Parker has capitalized on this relationship between her television character and her own fashion brand. The brain behind many of Carrie Bradshaw’s iconic outfits is Pat Field and Sarah Jessica Parker seems to capitalize on her knowledge and creative construction (The Coveteur 2013).


This is demonstrated in her new fashion label SJP which specialize in shoes and handbags. Sarah Jessica Parker is already capitalizing on the relationship between Carrie Bradshaw and her infamous shoe collection. She has even gone far enough to name one of the shoe designs ‘The Carrie’.  It is these collaborations which blur the lines between her designer status and television character. Sarah Jessica Parker’s embrace of high fashion into her everyday life has made Sex and the City believable and relatable. At the same time Sarah Jessica Parker continues to cash in on the popularity of her television character to promote her personal fashion endeavours.



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