Taylor Swift is arguably a fashionable, sweet and innocent female role model who writes Romantic, whimsical loves stories and mournful breakup songs targeted at a large percentage of the world’s teenage youth. So, it is of no surprise that Teen Vogue Magazine would take advantage of her booming celebrity status for their own gain.

Taylor was included in Teen Vogue’s 2011 August issue in honour of a ‘sure to sell-out’ tour in support of her recently released album at the time, Speak Now (Teen Vogue, 2011).

Taylor Swift, Teen Vogue August 2011

Taylor Swift, Teen Vogue August 2011

In the shoot, Fashion photographer Daniel Jackson has been careful to use only a warm colour palette and has softened all the lines of the images. Taylor is seen in romantic, light, free flowing garments and rose red lipstick and seemingly tasteful jewellery as she majestically wonders through a floral wonderland. Clearly targeted at a younger audience, Jackson intended to evoke the feeling of old Hollywood glam in these calming yet rather naïve photographs to create an almost fairy-tale-like aura; which would have teens with money buying anything to make themselves look even half as beautiful as their favourite singer/songwriter role model (Teen Vogue, 2011). In this case, brands seen on Taylor such as DKNY and Miu Miu profit directly from the inclusion of the celebrity collaboration within Teen Vogue.

Vogue prides itself on placing fashion into the context of culture and the world we live in and uses contemporary fashion photography as its main apparatus. Many celebrities, like Taylor have been used to draw attention to fashion and fashion magazines as celebrity endorsements influence consumer purchasing. Other benefits that can be gained by using celebrity status include building brand awareness, positioning a brand, attracting new users and breathing life into a failing brand. Taylor’s involvement created a symbiotic relationship in which every industry would benefit; the magazine, the photographer, the designer and the celebrity (Dehradun, 2011). Using well known individuals that the public hear about daily keep the magazine’s relevance to everyday life. Without the use of well-known models, photographers or celebrities, the everyday woman cannot connect herself to the magazine, and without a connection, over time, the need to purchase goes begging.


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