Increasingly, in recent years and worldwide, fashion has been given a platform in spaces where art is traditionally shown. Museums now display fashion with as much consideration as they do art.

The exhibition “Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty,” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York firmly placed a fashion designer among traditional artists like the painter Claude Monet and gave as much prominence to evening gowns as to ancient art objects from centuries ago. Martin Margiela’ exhibitions have made this very conceptual designer more accessible, bringing a type of aesthetic to all people, something which may not happen in everyday life.

Great couture requires a creative mind, skilled craftsmanship involved in the making of any garment, and the creative use of media (from fabric and sequins to even trash and raw meat). Fashion trends have at many times followed artistic trends, and the bond between the visual arts and fashion design during the Art Nouveau period, for example, is undeniable.(1)

Pop Art was an art style that focused its attention on familiar images of popular culture such as billboards, comic strips, magazine advertisements, and celebrities such as Warhol’s famous”Marilyn Diptych” Warhol was especially responsible for influencing the fashion of the 1960s. Even Yves Saint Laurent went down the pop art road with his famous Mondrian dress.

The intersection of fashion and art is reinvented every decade ranging from hippie and pop art fashion, to contemporary Lady Gaga fashion

Marilyn Diptych 1962 by Andy Warhol 1928-1987


“It is that moment of fashion, that moment of performance, and that moment of music, combined with art and love, that makes what Gaga is all about…the objective is always to be making something that belongs in a museum.” – Lady Gaga, 2009.

 No matter how we look at it individually, it is fact that the fashion world and the art world are most definitely woven rather tightly together. Even though Lagerfeld maintains fashion is not art he told the New York Times 2008 “Art is art. Fashion is fashion. However, Andy Warhol proved that they can exist together.” (2)


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