Columbian photographer Ruven Afanador is known for his highly romanticised, emotional and imaginative fashion scenes. A talent that captures both the fairy tale story as well as the beauty and grace of the models and their garments, all to create an elaborate artwork. Collaborating with stylist Deborah Afshani and model Jennifer Pugh, Afanador creates Devine & Excess, a classical and intense portrayal of divine power and luxury in Bal Harbour’s Fall/Winter magazine of 2010.This series is a mix of the decadence of the Edwardian Era and the new timeless expensive pieces from a selection of high end names such as Louis Vuitton, Prada and Christian Dior. A major trend in fashion and culture today is to reinstate and reinvent previous styles, eras and social values, which is captured within the theme and visuals of this shoot.

Devine & Excess was the definition of the elite social status that was highly regarded in the era of 1901 to 1910. Possibly the new influence of the television series Downton Abbey and its popularity has also had its impact upon the storyline of this shoot, as it captures the artistic and glamourous style that was of that time. All the elements of these scenes, from the vast space of the room, to the extravagant décor and the lavish clothing, relates highly to the power and richness of the people within it.

Power is defiant in its main focus: the female figure. Her stance shows attitude, importance and authority over everything in the room including the man in the background. Her clothing is more prominent, illuminating her from the variation of darker patterns and textures throughout the series. Her distinction throughout the entire shoot indicates not only her beauty and power, but the role that women play in the times of the Edwardian era and how modern women today aspire to be.



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