stefanie biggel

Fashion and Art Photography by Grace Stevenson

Zurich based designer, Stefanie Biggel draws on a cool, calm aesthetic look for her label. She strives to create an ability for ‘self determined style’ with her clothing and uses oversized shirts and sportswear to dress down her collection. The attitude Stefanie has towards her collection assures the wearer has control over their own individual look. It is more the idea of fashion, “a look”, than the fashion itself.

 This photograph appears to be a snapshot of a realistic setting whereas it is one hundred percent contrived for that image. Although alone, the social context is evoked obviously by the surrounding environment. The artwork behind the model suggests she is out, whether it be a gallery or a café, while the non-descript object in the front right corner reinforces the casual setting. The model herself appears to have been spontaneously interrupted while using her phone as which alludes to an effortlessly casual sophistication.

 Through an ecology of images we can see this photograph is a modern day setting with the use of a smart phone in the shot. The narrative created by the image invites the viewers to see themselves in that scenario, being realistic and obtainable. Fashion photography will often incorporate a background narrative so people place themselves within it, creating a desire to obtain and wear the model’s clothing.

The photograph is not instantly commercial, as there are no obvious labels and pricing, but something about it tells us it’s a fashion photograph. This elusive ‘something’ is most likely the lighting, the make-up and a subtle focus on the garments, which your eyes are inescapably drawn towards. The pale colours and the translucent jacket express a salient femininity and innocence while the body language and directness of her gaze presents a certain confidence.