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Romance Was Born, comprised of designers Luke Sales and Anna Plunkett, have been integrating Art and Fashion since their arrival in 2001. Collaborating with the likes of Del Kathryn Barton, Jenny Kee, Ebony Bizys and Rebecca Bauman, their aesthetic discourse, combined with their aspiration to create more than “ready to wear fashion” places their design amongst the likes of Alexander McQueen and Martin Margiela, two major players in the Art/Fashion niche.

The labels most current collection, ‘Tripsy Gypsy,’ is one of their less extravagant lines, however, is key in recognising their commitment and place within the art world. Recently the pair travelled through India, experiencing flashes of the familiar squashed through a wonderful and completely foreign filter. [1] Pakistani artist, Haider Ali, was exhibiting his brightly painted trucks whilst the pair were visiting; and naturally his work became the backdrop for Tripsy Gypsy.

This collection holds a place in art, as the way in which the collection was created and formed was in a hugely similar way to that of an artist, from any discipline. Romance was Born focuses on a story, and draws from visual and spiritual surroundings to then communicate their perception whilst commenting on the subject.

The Romance was Born designers critique the conventions of the fashion industry by engaging in a self reflexive critique of the transgression and subversion of norms, as well as utilising surrealism and pastiche. [2] Their approach to fashion, and design, can be assumed to have stemmed from post-modernist theory; and the refusal of what fashion must be. They consistently push back against assumed notions of the fashion system; most recently deciding to not show their collection at Sydney Fashion Week, a move that many critics have been up in arms about. [3]  This move for Romance Was Born embodies their refusal of the conventionally predetermined fashion system.

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